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  1. Communicating taxes: a review of the literature

    Literature review

  2. Indebted: how to support countries heavily reliant on oil and gas revenues to secure long-term prosperity

    Research report

  3. Making public finance digital: Challenges to the emerging digital public financial management paradigm

    Working paper

  4. Digital public financial management: An emerging paradigm

    Working paper

  5. Do ministers matter for audit performance? Evidence from cabinet appointments during South Africa’s ‘State of Capture’

    Working paper

  6. Escaping the low-financing trap: Strategies for sustainable educational development in low-income countries

    Research report

  7. Fiscal decentralisation and redistributive politics: evidence from Kenya

    Briefing/policy paper

  8. Fiscal decentralisation and redistributive politics: evidence from Kenya

    Working paper

  9. Covid-19: crisis as opportunity for urban cash transfers?

    Working paper

  10. Have social protection responses to Covid-19 undermined or supported gender equality? Emerging lessons from a gender perspective

    Working paper

  11. Social protection provisions to refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic: lessons learned from government and humanitarian responses

    Working paper

  12. National cash transfer responses to Covid-19: operational lessons learned for social protection system-strengthening and future shocks

    Working paper

  13. An intergovernmental perspective on managing public finances for service delivery

    Working paper