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  1. Safety and security: Domain report

    Working paper

  2. Communicating taxes: a review of the literature

    Literature review

  3. Fiscal policy and gender income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research report

  4. Personal income tax reforms and income inequality in African countries

    Working paper

  5. Financing social assistance in lower-income countries post-Covid-19: An exploration of realistic options

    Working paper

  6. DPF roundtable event summary | Mainstreaming equality into fiscal policy: Distributional analysis in finance ministries

    Meeting/conference report

  7. At a glance: Two decades of Employment Income Tax in Africa


  8. Tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda: challenges, practical guidance and lessons learnt

    Working paper

  9. Fiscal policy and income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research report

  10. Informal and religious taxes and transfers in Pakistan

    Working paper

  11. Digitalisation of property taxation in developing countries: Recent advances and remaining challenges

    Research report

  12. The TaxDev employment income taxes dataset and technical guide


  13. Employment income tax in Africa: findings from a new dataset

    Working paper

  14. International corporate tax reforms: what could the OECD deal mean for lower-income countries?

    Working paper

  15. Politics, systems and domains: A conceptual framework for the African Cities Research Consortium

    Working paper

  16. E-commerce in preferential trade agreements: implications for African firms and the AfCFTA

    Research report

  17. Report on the tax policy-making process in Uganda

    Research report

  18. Informal taxes and transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and analysis of incidence in Rwanda

    Working paper

  19. Mobilising revenue: opportunities for lower-income countries during the pandemic

    Briefing/policy paper

  20. Financing the coronavirus response in sub-Saharan Africa

    Working paper