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10 things to know about evaluation

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Anne Buffardi, Simon Hearn, Tiina Pasanen, Louise Ball

​Evaluation is essential to good development. But there are still many myths and misconceptions about what it is - and how it should be used.

ODI's Research and Policy in Development Programme (RAPID) has many years' experience supporting evaluation in complex development contexts.

In support of the International Year of Evaluation 2015, we've put together our essential 'things to know' about evaluation in 10 infographics.

Available in English and French.

Infographic: you can't do development without evaluation
Infographic: it's all in the detail
Infographic: evaluation involves everyone
Infographic: monitoring and evaluation are not the same thing
Infographic: failures are important
Infographic: evaluations come in all shapes and sizes
Infographic: evaluation is question-driven
Infographic: context is paramount
Infographic: evaluation is not just at the end
Infographic: evaluation findings need to be communicated