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10 things to know about EU aid


Written by Mikaela Gavas, Raphaëlle Faure, Elize Hefer


This infographic highlights the relevance of the EU aid programme with ten key facts.

  1. Collectively, the EU and its member states give the most aid in the world
  2. There are 29 major donors in the EU: 28 member states and the EU itself
  3. The EU is the largest multilateral donor
  4. EU aid is more transparent than most but its rankings have slipped
  5. Turkey is the largest recipient of EU aid, receiving 17% of funds
  6. The EU is a top donor to fragile and conflict-affected African states
  7. Almost three quarters of EU aid is channelled directly through to recipient countries
  8. EU development policy goes ‘beyond aid’ in five areas
  9. MEPs play a key role in EU development cooperation
  10. Two in three EU citizens say tackling poverty in developing countries should be a priority for the EU

10 things to know about EU aid 

Mikaela Gavas, Raphaëlle Faure, Elize Hefer, Nick Scott