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10 things to know about climate finance in 2015

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Smita Nakhooda, Charlene Watson, Sam Barnard

​These infographics break down the numbers on climate finance, analysing data from the world’s only comprehensive public climate finance commitment tracker – Climate Funds Update.

Climate finance spending has continued to rise in 2015.

The Green Climate Fund has approved its first projects, and governments, development banks and private investors have increased their commitments to provide climate finance over the coming years.

However, the national climate plans submitted by countries in advance of the United Nations climate summit illustrate the need for increased ambition. 

We must move trillions of dollars towards low-emission and climate-resilient development projects in order to keep global climate change to safe levels.

Climate finance commitments are increasing
Funding approved (for programmes tackling climate change) has increased
Developing countries are emerging as leaders in renewable energy
Progress to reduce deforestation in 2015 has been limited
40% of adaptation finance supports infrastructure resilience
Finance for small island states has increased in 2015
Developing countries are investing more in climate action
The Green Climate Fund is working faster than other funds
Climate funds need to report their impact more transparently
Implementing climate action needs fast investment mobilisation
Smita Nakhooda, Charlene Watson, Sam Barnard and Liane Schalatek