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<p>Will is the programme manager for the Climate Environment Programme, as well as a researcher in the green growth team. His research interests are in political and economic influences over management of forests and other environmental issues.</p>

Many of Will’s current projects focus on shaping private investment in forests and land – for example subsidies, fiscal policies and other public policy mechanisms for promoting investment in more sustainable production methods, and reducing the impact of key commodities on deforestation, and understanding the roles of the private sector in REDD+. Will has also contributed to a number of publications in the green growth team, covering fossil fuel subsidies, green growth, and the climate and poverty interface and is a co-lead for ODI’s work on the New Climate Economy project, including  project in Africa on land use, climate change and economic growth.

Will has been at ODI for 5 years. Prior to this he worked in UK environmental policy and programming, he has a degree in Biology from Oxford University, and an MSc in Environmental Technology (major in environmental policy and economics) from Imperial College London.

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