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Vikrant Panwar

Senior Climate and Disaster Risk Finance Specialist

  • Global Risks and Resilience
Portrait of Vikrant Panwar

Vikrant is a Senior Climate and Disaster Risk Finance Specialist in ODI’s Global Risks and Resilience programme, working primarily on disaster and climate risk financing and economics of disasters and climate change. He has experience in researching macro-fiscal implications of disasters and other climate risks at sovereign and sub-sovereign levels, including estimation of direct and indirect economic and non-economic impact of disasters and physical climate risks, and econometric analysis and actionable research on risk financing and DRM. He has experience of working with government institutions in developing countries and private sector organisations operating in the risk finance and resilient infrastructure space.

Vikrant has a doctoral degree in economics with specialisation in estimating macro-fiscal impacts of disasters and policy research on disaster risk financing strategy. He also carries a Master’s degree with finance major. Vikrant has multiple publications under his name published in peer-reviewed journals and books.

Vikrant at ODI