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<p>Tom Mitchell is ODI&rsquo;s Head of Climate Change. A geographer by training, Tom carried out his doctoral fieldwork on disaster risk management in the Caribbean and has since worked extensively on issues related to the governance and poverty-dimensions of disaster risk and adaptation to climate change. Tom has served as a co-ordinating lead author of the IPCC and is currently a lead author on the IPCC 5th Assessment Report.</p>

Dr. Tom Mitchell is Head of Climate Change at ODI, having previously worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies. He is also a Senior Advisor in the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, in which he oversees the research and knowledge management components. Tom is a serving IPCC WG2 Co-ordinating Lead Author of the Special Report on Extreme Events and Disasters and a Lead Author of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. His research is focused on climate-related disaster risk management, adaptation finance and the links between climate action and poverty reduction.

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