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Tiina Pasanen

Research Associate

Digital Societies

Portrait of Tiina Pasanen

Tiina Pasanen is a Research Associate at ODI. Previously a Research Fellow, Tiina specialised in monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) methods and practices. Her work focuses on the use and usefulness of M&E data and systems, and how evidence and data can be integrated into organisational learning and decision-making. Her projects and roles range from acting as a long-term learning partner in a diverse set of programmes to more short-term evaluation and quality assurance assignments. She has a mixed methods background and can conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, including impact evaluations. She has written several papers and guidance notes on how to choose M&E tools and approaches, how to design M&E frameworks and how to facilitate learning in large programmes. She also regularly blogs about MEL topics.

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  17. Measuring the hard to measure in development


  18. Monitoring and evaluation: five reality checks for adaptive management

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  20. Supporting accountability in fragile settings: a review for the Somalia Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme

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