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Simon Hearn

Research Associate

Digital Societies

Portrait of Simon Hearn

He was previously a Research Fellow with the Research and Policy in Development programme (now Digital Societies) at the Overseas Development Institute and coauthored the RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach: a guide to policy engagement and influence. He has written extensively on areas including monitoring and learning, impact evaluation, knowledge management, online communities, networks and coalitions. He was a founder member of the BetterEvaluation initiative and led several evaluation capacity building activities.

  1. Assessing the processes and performance of the International Water Stewardship Programme

    Research reports

  2. ROMA: a guide to policy engagement and influence


  3. Monitoring and evaluation of policy influence and advocacy

    Working papers

  4. Evaluation methods for large, complex, global initiatives

  5. Outcome Mapping: an option for real-time evaluative learning?


  6. Coalitions for transparency in extractive industries: a study of the Publish What You Pay campaign

    Research reports

  7. Monitoring and evaluating policy influence

  8. Mixed methods in evaluation: a warm up

  9. A whistle-stop tour of outcome mapping

  10. 52 weeks of BetterEvaluations: how can evaluation make a difference?

  11. Maximising the impact of transdisciplinary research with a novel approach: ROMA

    Book/book chapter

  12. BetterEvaluation webinar: report and support use of findings


  13. BetterEvaluation webinar: define what is to be evaluated


  14. Information overload: how to navigate the maze of monitoring and evaluation methods and approaches

  15. Evaluation in complex ecologies: 26th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association


  16. Strengthening civil-Society in Tanzania - is Outcome Mapping helping the Accountability in Tanzania programme and its partners influence change?

    Research reports

  17. Outcome mapping for programme and project planning, Accra, Ghana


  18. Monitoring and evaluating development as a knowledge ecology: ideas for new collective practices

    Working papers

  19. Monitoring and evaluating development as a knowledge industry: ideas in current practice

    Working papers

  20. Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies: a community of practice, a catalyst for change

    Research reports