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Sierd Hadley

Research Fellow

  • Development and Public Finance
Portrait of Sierd Hadley

Sierd specialises in public sector reforms and the organisation of finance ministries. He has previously worked for the UK Treasury and the Ministry of Finance of Eswatini. He holds a postgraduate degree in governance and development from the Institute of Development Studies.

Sierd is an economist with a postgraduate degree in governance and development from the Institute of Development Studies. Before joining the Overseas Development Institute, he worked on pensions and tax policy in the UK Treasury before joining the Budget Department of the Eswatini Ministry of Finance to work mainly on local government, higher education, IMF relations, domestic debt management and public finance management reforms.

Sierd leads ODI’s research covers a range of topics including the organisation and capabilities of finance ministries and the links between public financial management systems and service delivery. He is also a member of ODI’s team providing long-term advisory support to the Government of Uganda on decentralisation reforms.

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