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Sherillyn Raga

Research Fellow

  • International Economic Development Group
Portrait of Sherillyn Raga

Sherillyn has a decade of professional experience on policy-oriented research covering macroeconomics, financial integration, trade and investment in Asian and African contexts. At ODI, her latest work includes analyses on intra-African trade, UK-Africa investment, digital trade among Commonwealth members, financial services in Yemen, interbank markets and regional banking in Africa, and macroeconomic impact of Covid19 in the global south.

Prior joining ODI, Sherillyn worked at the Philippine central bank (BSP), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Asian Development Bank (ADB). At the BSP, she prepared the central bank’s positions on issues related to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) financial integration initiatives, including capital account liberalisation and capital market development. As a Research Associate at the IMF, Sherillyn contributed to macroeconomic surveillance reports and working papers on the evolution of monetary policy and global spillovers in ASEAN, and became a team member of the IMF Article IV Mission to Palau. At the ADB, she conducted analysis and presentations on the inflationary impact of the exchange rate policy as well as preliminary assessment of selected ADB projects in Papua New Guinea.

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