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Sarah Bailey

Research Associate

Humanitarian Policy Group

Portrait of Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey is a Research Associate based in the United States. Sarah has more than ten years’ experience researching and managing humanitarian programmes, including leading evaluations, studies, technical assistance, evidence reviews and policy advice for NGOs, UN agencies and donors. A former aid worker, she is an expert on emergency cash transfer programming and author of key publications on this subject.

  1. Cash transfer programming in emergencies

    Book/book chapter

  2. Child-sensitive social protection in DRC: a diagnostic study

    Research reports

  3. The UK's review of humanitarian aid: an agenda for radical change?

  4. Praise for ‘the cowboys’ on World Humanitarian Day

  5. Early Recovery in Humanitarian Appeals

    Research reports

  6. Somalia food aid diversion

  7. Early recovery: an overview of policy debates and operational challenges

    Working papers

  8. Aid workers under fire

  9. Untangling Early Recovery

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Cash transfers in emergencies: a synthesis of World Vision's experience and learning

    Research reports

  11. Food assistance, reintegration and dependency in Southern Sudan

    Research reports

  12. Need and greed: corruption risks, perceptions and prevention in humanitarian assistance

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Assistance

    Research reports

  14. Beneficiary perceptions of corruption among Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda

    Working papers

  15. Humanitarian action in Iraq: putting the pieces together

    Briefing/policy papers

  16. Cash transfers for Disaster Risk Reduction in Niger: a feasibility study

    Research reports