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Samuel Sharp

Research Officer

Politics and Governance

Portrait of Samuel Sharp

Sam's research focuses on understanding the politics of development challenges, and how public organisations can be better equipped to navigate these dynamics and work in more adaptive and politically smart ways.

His recent work explores how adaptive approaches intersect with bureaucratic politics and processes, both within aid donors and the public sector more broadly. He has experience of political economy analyses in various sectors, most recently on civil society engagement in tax reform and phasing out of plastic production.

His other research interests include the sources of development commitment amongst political elites, particularly within authoritarian regimes; and mixed-method approaches to understanding behaviour in post-conflict societies.

He holds an MA in Development, Governance and Public Policy from the Institute of Development Studies, where he previously worked as a research assistant.’ He has fieldwork experience in Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, and Nepal.

  1. Independent Review of the IPC in South Sudan

    Research reports

  2. Lessons Learned from PERL and Partners' Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

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  3. A Political Economy Analysis Framework for EdTech Evidence Uptake

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  4. Adaptive bureaucracies: an oxymoron? Four ways bureaucracies can break the mould

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  9. Phasing out plastics

  10. Phasing out plastics: the construction sector

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  11. Phasing out plastics: the automotive sector

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  12. Phasing out plastics: the electrical and electronic equipment sector

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  14. Phasing out plastics

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  15. The mental landscape of post-conflict life in northern Uganda

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  16. Four expert views on the future of tax for development

  17. Regional bodies supporting national-level evidence-informed decision-making on vaccines

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  18. Measuring evidence-informed decision-making processes in low- and middle-income countries

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  19. Civil society engagement in tax reform

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  20. Mobilising civil society support for tax reform needs donors to get political