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Romilly Greenhill

Senior Research Fellow - Team Leader

Portrait of Romilly Greenhill
Romilly leads ODI’s work on development finance. A leading expert in aid, debt and development finance, Romilly has more than 15 years’ experience of working in international development, including at senior levels.

Previous employers include: the UK’s Department for International Development, where she initiated and led the International Aid Transparency Initiative; ActionAid UK and Cambodia; the New Economics Foundation, and the Government of Uganda. Her particular area of specialism is financing the Sustainable Development Goals, including to leave no-one behind.


  1. Leaving no one behind in the health and education sectors: an SDG stocktake in Ghana

    Research reports

  2. Aid allocation within countries: does it go to areas left behind?

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. The 'leave no one behind' index

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  4. Not all countries ready to meet 'leave no one behind' commitments – ODI experts

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  5. Maintaining momentum and delivering action on ‘leave no one behind’


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  7. Aid and the UK election: what to look for in party manifestos

  8. Facebook Live: aid and UK politics

  9. UK general election: six global priorities for parties’ manifestos

  10. An ‘age of choice’ for infrastructure financing? Evidence from Kenya

    Research reports

  11. Leaving no one behind in the roads sector: an SDG stocktake in Kenya

    Research reports

  12. An integrated approach to leaving no one behind: overview and methodology

    Research reports

  13. Leaving no one behind in the health sector: an SDG stocktake in Kenya and Nepal

    Research reports

  14. Round-up of this week’s Nairobi summit on development cooperation

  15. Early action at country level for leaving no one behind


  16. Why do donors delegate to multilateral organisations? A synthesis of six country case studies

    Research reports

  17. Smarter aid allocation: looking across the multilateral-bilateral spectrum


  18. 2016 CAPE Conference: where next for development effectiveness?


  19. Development effectiveness for the SDG era: five reasons why we need a new agenda

  20. Five challenges for development effectiveness in the SDG era

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