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Rebecca Nadin

Director of Global Risks and Resilience programme

  • Leadership Team
  • Global Risks and Resilience
Portrait of Rebecca Nadin

Dr Rebecca Nadin is the Director of the Global Risks & Resilience team at ODI. She has 16+ years’ government and advisory experience in China and Asia, specialising in climate risk and national adaptation planning. She has designed and managed multi-stakeholder climate change and sustainable development initiatives, and led climate risk and vulnerability assessments and policy formulation at the national and sectoral level. Rebecca is also a respected China specialist with a deep knowledge of the Chinese political system, economic and foreign policy, including the Belt & Road Initiative.

Before joining ODI, Rebecca was Director of the Adapting to Climate Change in China Project (ACCC Phase I and II), the largest climate risk policy project of its kind in China. Previously, Rebecca worked in the British Embassy Beijing’s political section, covering VIP visits, Japan-China relations, Central Asia and energy security. She served as the Deputy Director of the British Council’s Global Climate Change Programme, leading roll out in 60 countries. She was also the British Council’s China Director, Climate Change & Science, leading the UK’s Climate Change Public Diplomacy Campaign in China. She is an adjunct lecturer at the Centre for Environment & Population Health, Griffith University Australia.

Rebecca holds a PhD in Chinese foreign policy in Central Asia, MA in International Relations, and BA in Politics from the University of Sheffield. She studied Chinese at Peking University and is working towards an LLM in International Law.

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