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Peter Newborne

Senior Research Associate

Climate and Sustainability

Portrait of Peter Newborne

As a Senior Research Associate, Peter Newborne is a part-time (self-employed) member of the ODI water team, carrying out research studies, programme evaluations and advisory assignments on water policy and practice, including environmental and social sustainability aspects.

Examples of areas on which he has worked are:-
- dams and hydraulic infrastructures: evolution of international environmental and social policies and sustainability practice; hydropower and the water-energy nexus;
- progress made by water utilities in water supply and sanitation in fast-growing African cities;
- flood risk management in Honduras, in the context of growing climate change-related flood risks;
- evaluation of progress made by the Colombian Ministry of Environment against performance targets;
- water rights: legal forms governing access to water services and allocation of water resources;
- review and ’refresh’ of the Environment Agency’s International Programme - the programme leader reported one year later that: «Your recommendations are guiding a new phase of our activities».
- chairing/facilitation of meetings and events in Spanish (Colombia, Honduras, Mexico), French (Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo), and English (Ethiopia, Kenya and UK).

Peter trained and worked for 10 years with premier firms in commercial law/contracting, acting for private and public clients in the engineering, energy, transport and financial sectors - contract drafting and dispute-resolution.

Peter is a fluent French and Spanish speaker.

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