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Paola Abis

Senior Communications Officer

  • International Economic Development Group
  • Politics and Governance
  • Public Affairs and Communications
Portrait of Paola Abis

Paola is the Senior Communications Officer leading on Governance, Innovation and Learning, as well as Trade and Economic Development. Paola provides strategic communications and policy advice on a range of projects across ODI's governance, conflict and fragility, justice and trade portfolios.

Paola joined ODI in December 2019 as a Senior Communications Officer and thematic lead on Governance, Innovation and Learning.

Paola provides her strategic expertise on a range of projects across the programme's governance, conflict and fragility, and justice portfolio. Paola initially worked on projects with a focus on adaptive management, doing development differently (DDD) and thinking and working politically (TWP), including: the Learning, Evidence and Advocacy Partnership (LEAP) programme, the Global Learning for Adaptive Management Initiative (GLAM) and LearnAdapt. Her current work includes providing strategic communications and policy advice, convening high level events and delivering high quality publications and insights for the Centre for the Study of Armed Groups (CSAG), Lessons for Peace: Afghanistan, work on rule of law and justice financing, work on gender equality and work on peacebuilding (peace and protection).

Paola also provides her communications expertise the International Economic and Development Group at ODI, primarily working on the Supporting Investment and Trade in Africa (SITA) programme.

Paola has extensive experience in delivering strategic communications campaigns and managing high-value partnerships in complex projects. Prior to ODI, Paola worked for a research-based consultancy, where she delivered social impact campaigns for the European Commission and other bodies such as the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea). She holds an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London (UCL), focusing on terrorism, human and minority rights and social policies.