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Moizza Binat Sarwar

Research Fellow

  • Equity and Social Policy
  • ODI Europe
Portrait of Moizza Binat Sarwar

Moizza B Sarwar's main area of work is social policy, with a focus on the political economy of the design, implementation and delivery of social protection policies and service delivery (in education and health) for vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries.

Moizza has over 11 years of experience in managing, undertaking and publishing cutting-edge qualitative research projects. Most recently, she has been working on research to advance the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda, by evaluating national policy systems and programmes on their sensitivity to marginalised populations in Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Lesotho. Her research data is gathered through in-depth fieldwork and in-country focus group discussions with vulnerable populations in rural, peri-urban and urban settings and carrying out elite interviews with key politicians and civil servants as well as analysis of secondary quantitative and qualitative data. Moizza holds a PhD in Social Policy from the University of Oxford.