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Mauricio Vazquez

Head of Policy and Strategic Partnerships

  • Global Risks and Resilience
Portrait of Mauricio Vazquez

Mauricio is the Head of Policy at ODI's Global Risks and Resilience programme. His work focuses on advancing climate action in fragile and conflict-affected situations in a way that addresses both climate risks and the drivers of conflict and fragility. He works across multi-stakeholder initiatives to build resilience and drive sustainable change in complex settings through advisory services, implementing solutions and knowledge brokering.

Mauricio is Research Lead for the Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC) consortium project and the research programme Catalysing cohesive action on climate and security. Previously, Mauricio served as the Knowledge Manager of the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) knowledge and policy hub at ODI.

He has a background in economics and over 15 years’ experience directing development projects and multi-disciplinary teams across 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. His previous work focused on system strengthening and solutions to improve the well-being of cross-border, mobile and migrant populations and ethnic minorities.