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Martin Evans

Senior Research Fellow

  • Equity and Social Policy
Portrait of Martin Evans

Martin’s experience crosses industrialised and developing countries and has involved research and consultancy for a large range of funders, including the European Commission, Rowntree and Nuffield Foundations, The World Bank and UNDP.

Prior to joining ODI, Martin worked in UNICEF HQ as poverty specialist. His long term experience in applied social research on poverty and social protection was based in the Universities of Oxford and Bath, and at the London School of Economics, from where he obtained his MSc and PhD.

  1. Informal and religious taxes and transfers in Pakistan

    Working papers

  2. Informal transfers in low- and middle-income countries: for whom, how much and with what effect?

    Working papers

  3. Uneven floors: targeting categorical transfers for poverty and inequality reductions

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  4. ‘Leave no one behind’ – five years into Agenda 2030: guidelines for turning the concept into action

    Research reports

  5. Leave no one behind: moving the agenda forward


  6. Informal taxes and transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and analysis of incidence in Rwanda

    Working papers

  7. Financing the reduction of extreme poverty post-Covid-19

    Briefing/policy papers

  8. Universal child benefits: policy issues and options

    Research reports

  9. Four expert views on the future of tax for development

  10. Four reflections on the International day for the Eradication of Poverty

  11. How to finance the end of extreme poverty

  12. Financing the end of extreme poverty: 2019 update

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  13. Number of people predicted to be living in extreme poverty by 2030 on the rise – new report

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  14. The potential of Nepal’s social security allowance schemes to support emergency flood response

    Research reports

  15. Simulating policy options for universal child allowances in Ghana

    Working papers

  16. Financing the end of extreme poverty

    Research reports

  17. How can we finance the end of extreme poverty?

  18. Disability Summit 2018: how to ensure people with disabilities are not left behind