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Mareike Schomerus

Senior Research Fellow, Director of Programme, Research Director SLRC (leave of absence)

Portrait of Mareike Schomerus

Dr Mareike Schomerus has worked on a range of issues in situations of violent conflict, such as conflict resolution, behaviour and decision-making, service delivery and livelihoods, the role of information technology and media, political movements, armed groups, civilian-military relations, political contestation, and civilian security.

A former broadcast journalist, she has worked in Africa and Asia, consulting for a range of organisations in research, policy and practice. As the Research Director of the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC), she also leads on the SLRC’s work on behaviour in conflict situations. 

Mareike has worked on the resolution of violent conflict, civilian-military relations, use of information technology, media and evidence in situations of conflict and political contestation, knowledge and power, provisions of civilian security and articulations of justice and security by actors in situations of violent conflict. She has worked in Africa and Asia, with a particular focus on South Sudan. Mareike also speaks German.

Mareike has been a Research Fellow at ODI since 2015. Formerly a research fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, she has consulted for a vast range of organisations in research, policy and practice and worked as a broadcast journalist. 

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