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Lindsey Jones

Research Associate

Global Risks and Resilience

Portrait of Lindsey Jones

Lindsey Jones is a Fellow working on issues of climate change, adaptation and development.

Lindsey has previously worked with the United Nations Development Programme in Nepal (supporting the country’s National Adaptation Plan of Action) and the World Food Programme. Lindsey has an MSc in Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford and has experience working in Southern and Eastern Africa (namely Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda, and South Africa), and Southern and South-Eastern Asia (India, Nepal, and Cambodia).

Current (and future) research activities/interests include:

- Evaluating the effectiveness of adaptation planning/programming

- Tracking adaptation finance at different scales

- Supporting adaptation and resilience in fragile and conflict-affect areas

- Designing new tools to promote adaptation and DRR awareness (such as 'policy gaming')

- Identifying and overcoming barriers to adaptation

- Understanding the Political Economy of adaptation

- Exploring barriers and opportunities to the uptake of climate science in supporting long-term decision making

If interested in finding out more about these projects, or discussing potentional collaborations, please get in contact directly.

  1. The political economy of local adaptation planning: exploring barriers to Flexible and Forward-looking Decision Making in three districts in Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique

    Research reports

  2. New approaches to promoting Flexible and Forward-looking Decision Making: insights from complexity science, climate change adaptation and ‘serious gaming’

    Research reports

  3. Achieving water security: lessons from research in water supply, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia

    Book/book chapter

  4. Achieving water security

    Book/book chapter

  5. Why is 'development' struggling to embrace uncertainty?

  6. Coding and tracking adaptation finance: lessons and opportunities for monitoring finance across international and national scales

    Research reports

  7. The (not so) easy task of translating research into policy and practice

  8. Preparing for the future? Rethinking support for adaptive capacity to climate change


  9. Changing focus? How to start taking adaptive capacity seriously

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Rethinking support for adaptive capacity to climate change: the role of development interventions

    Research reports

  11. Social barriers to adaptation: exploring implications and identifying options for adaptation policy across the SADC Region

    Book/book chapter

  12. Children’s vulnerability and the impacts of climate change – policy-makers must pay greater attention

  13. Exploring the impact of climate change on children in South Africa

    Research reports

  14. Preparing for the future? understanding the influence of development interventions on adaptive capacity at local level in Ethiopia

    Research reports

  15. Preparing for the future in Uganda: understanding the influence of development interventions on adaptive capacity at the local level

    Research reports

  16. Climate change, water resources and WASH: a scoping study

    Working papers

  17. Analysing the governance and political economy of water and sanitation delivery

    Working papers

  18. Exploring social barriers to adaptation: Insights from Western Nepal


  19. Are we jumping the gun in trying to measure adaptation?

  20. Towards a holistic conceptualisation of adaptive capacity at the local level: insights from the Local Adaptive Capacity framework (LAC)

    Working papers