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Leni Wild

Research Associate

  • Politics and Governance
Portrait of Leni Wild

Leni is a Research Associate with the Politics and Governance (POGO) programme at ODI. She is a recognised leader on ‘doing development differently’, with particular interests in the politics and management of aid, institutional reform and incentives, and adaptive management.

In recent years, Leni has focused on supporting institutional and organisational change to help aid and development organisations become more adaptive, learning- and context-sensitive in their programme design and delivery.

Leni is an experienced researcher with over fifteen years’ in policy advice and support. She led a programme of work at ODI on the politics of service delivery, that identifies politically smart and adaptive approaches to address governance and accountability constraints to services. She has a particular interest in the health and water sectors, and regularly provides training in political economy methods and context analysis as part of the design of programmes.

She frequently provides policy advice to a range of bilateral and multilateral agencies, including the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank, as well as a number of large international non-governmental organisations. Her country experience includes work in China, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Uganda. Leni previously managed education programmes in Sierra Leone and Northern Uganda for a UK-based education charity, and was a Research Fellow for the International Programme at the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr), providing tailored policy advice and briefings, with a focus on the UK government.

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