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Katy Harris

Communications Manager

Portrait of Katy Harris

Katy Harris was a Communications Manager at ODI. She holds strategic oversight of the communication strategies and deliverables for ODI’s research and policy work on humanitarian issues, conflict and violence, risk and resilience, and gender and inclusion, and is responsible for strengthening the impact of ODI’s research in these areas.

Katy leads the development of effective communication strategies and approaches that enhance the reputation and impact of ODI’s research on humanitarian issues, conflict and violence, risk and resilience, and gender and inclusion. She manages a team to deliver strong public affairs, communications outputs and convening activities, while identifying opportunities to link ODI’s research agenda with external political processes and supporting researchers to translate their work into strong policy propositions.

She joined ODI in 2012 until 2020, leading communications for ODI’s Development Progress, a project which aimed to better understand what’s working and why in international development. Prior to ODI, she spent 5 years managing campaign communications for an international NGO. She completed her degree in Social Anthropology and Development at the University of Edinburgh.

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