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Jun Hou

Senior Research Officer

Portrait of Jun Hou

Before joining ODI, Jun was previously a research officer at the University of Oxford. He was engaged in several EC and ESRC funded projects, focusing on innovation and development issues in Ghana, Tanzania, and China. Jun obtained his PhD in the economics of technical change from Maastricht University; and his MA in the economics of development from the Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University.

Publication list:

Fu X. & J. Hou (2016), Key Determinants of Technological Capabilities for a Green Economy in Emerging Economies book chapter in Vos. R. and D. Alarcon ‘Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development’. 2016, United Nation Series on Development.

Fu X. & J. Hou (2015), China’s Direct Investment in Africa and Its Impact, Baltic Rim Economies Review, 2, 12-13.

Fu X., G. Zanello, G. Essegbey, J. Hou & P. Mohnen (2014). Innovation in Low-income Countries: A survey Report. Growth Research Programme. UK

Hou, J and P. Mohnen (2013), Complementarity between In-house R&D and Technology Purchasing: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms, Oxford Development Studies, Volume 41, Issue 3, 343-371.

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