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Josephine Tsui

Research Associate

  • Digital Societies
Portrait of Josephine Tsui

Josephine Tsui, with over ten years of experience is an expert on measuring policy influence. She specialises on monitoring in complex settings, and works on broader issues around research uptake. Her technical expertise lies in women’s economic empowerment, agricultural policy systems, gender centric design.

With over ten years of research knowledge, Josephine has experience in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. She lived in Zambia and Ghana for three years working with women’s groups and agricultural extension work. Her past clients include global institutions such as the World Bank, DFID, and non-governmental organisations such as CARE International, Save the Children, and the Huariou Commission.

Prior to ODI, she had worked for the GSDRC which included publications such as “Policy and programmatic impact of gender-focussed research”, and “the effectiveness of measuring influence”. She has also had a lead role in evaluating other meta evaluations including DFID’s Research into Use, as a member of the institutional evaluation of DFID’s agricultural research uptake programme.

Complimentary to her field experience is her strong skills in gender centric design.  As a consultant in 2009, Josephine published five policy briefs for DFID to further their gender policy across DFID country offices. The topics included intimate partner violence, intra-household bargaining, gender in fragile and conflict affected states. Various governments have consulted with Josephine with regards to how gender affects their policies. Josephine was able to provide an in-depth review of how violence against women may interfere with women’s access to land in Vietnam for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. In the past she had contributed as a research assistant for the UNECE, researching reports on each member’s progress on the Beijing Platform for Action +15 Review.

Recent pieces of work include:

  • How to measure policy influence and advocacy ODI Working Paper funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (2015)
  • How to measure political will for breastfeeding and child marriage funded by Save the Children (2016)
  • IFAD Guidebook on Country-Level policy engagement (2016)