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John Bryant

Senior Research Officer

  • Humanitarian Policy Group
Portrait of John Bryant

John Bryant is a Senior Research Officer for the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI. His areas of work have covered a range of global humanitarian reform issues, including accountability to aid users, digital technology, financing and the ‘localisation’ agenda. John has had previous roles with international NGO Practical Action and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

  1. Inclusion and exclusion in displacement and peacebuilding responses in Mindanao, Philippines: falling through the cracks

    Working papers

  2. Digital technologies and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Research reports

  3. Managing humanitarian narratives in the Ukraine crisis response: virtual roundtable, 26 May 2022

    Meeting/conference reports

  4. Two ways the humanitarian system should harness global solidarity with Ukraine

  5. Digital mapping and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Working papers

  6. Local humanitarian action during Covid-19: findings from a diary study

    Working papers

  7. With Myanmar’s military back in full control, Rohingya refugees need long-term solutions

  8. Bridging humanitarian digital divides during Covid-19

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. ‘All eyes are on local actors’: Covid-19 and local humanitarian action

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. All eyes are on local humanitarian responders during Covid-19 – now they need support

  11. ReliefWatch: designing a new accountability service for people affected by humanitarian crises

    Research reports

  12. New technologies are changing humanitarian action, but don’t assume they're inclusive

  13. The humanitarian ‘digital divide’


  14. Mapping local capacities and support for more effective humanitarian responses

    Briefing/policy papers

  15. Valuing local resources in humanitarian crises

    Research reports

  16. The humanitarian response in Iraq: support beyond international assistance in Mosul

    Working papers

  17. Remittances in humanitarian crises

    Working papers

  18. New financing partnerships for humanitarian impact

    Research reports

  19. Capacity and complementarity in the Rohingya response in Bangladesh

    Working papers

  20. Measuring the iceberg: the opportunities and limits of better tracking of resources beyond international humanitarian assistance

    Working papers