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Jodie Keane

Senior Research Fellow

International Economic Development Group

Portrait of Jodie Keane

Jodie began her career in Vietnam and Cambodia working on non-market economy issues for the World Bank in 2005, with a focus on China. Subsequently, she joined the Overseas Development Institute in 2007 as a Research Officer, before progressing to become a Research Fellow in 2012, focusing on trade and development issues between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, as trading relations changed from non-reciprocal to reciprocal regimes.

Between 2015 and 2020, Jodie was an economic adviser within the Trade, Oceans and Natural Resources Directorate of the Commonwealth Secretariat with responsibility for global advocacy on emerging trade issues and the supporting global architecture. She has a PhD in economics from SOAS University of London. She has taught seminars on comparative economic growth in Africa and Asia (SOAS) and more recently on the political economy of trade at the Department of International Relations, London School of Economics. She has published journal articles, book chapters, and edited volumes on global value chains and Least Developed Countries.

  1. Shockwatch Bulletin. Global monetary shocks: impacts and policy responses in sub-saharan Africa

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  13. Rethinking trade preferences for Sub-Saharan Africa: how can trade in tasks be the potential lifeline?


  14. Global value chains and Aid for Trade: an African perspective

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  16. Aid for Trade and engaging with global value chains: developing trade and reducing food insecurity?

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  18. Low income countries in the global economic recovery: strengths, vulnerabilities, role of the IMF


  19. The role of trade and investment in the post-2015 global development agenda

  20. European Report on Development 2013 - Post-2015: global action for an inclusive and sustainable future

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