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Jeremy Clarke

Research Associate

Portrait of Jeremy Clarke

Jeremy is a governance and public sector management specialist with 33 years’ experience working in international development initially with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) over 1982-2008 and now as an independent consultant

During that time he advised on all aspects of Governance including appraising and designing major public sector reform programmes. He has an ability to provide strategic analysis and policy advice at senior level, and to design and deliver Governance programmes of institutional change in the public sector. More recently he has been involved in business case preparation and project design for Governance related projects for DFID and for DANIDA. He has led scenario planning and futures work in the strategy unit for DFID and undertaken political economy analysis for DFID and DANIDA bilateral country programmes at national, sectoral and project level.

During his time in DFID he has undertaken evaluation assignments for DFID in Kenya and Vietnam and assisted that organisation to develop ideas for an independent external evaluation body in the UK and to support the startup of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3IE). After leaving DFID, Jeremy has undertaken work with the Overseas Development Institute to develop evaluation methods for assessing policy influencing by aid donors and a major study of health sector policy influencing for DFID.

In 2010 Jeremy was a team member for a major evaluation of the Geneva based International Finance Facility (IFF) with HLSP. He is currently an adviser to ODI on the monitoring and evaluation of the budget strengthening initiative (BSI) project. In 2014 he also contributed to an ODI consultancy to consider future options for budget support in Tanzania.