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  1. Research Excellence Framework (REF) impact toolkit


  2. Governance for growth in Vanuatu: review of a decade of thinking and working politically

    Research reports

  3. Country-level policy engagement in IFAD: guide book


  4. Refining advocacy assessment: reflections from practice

    Working papers

  5. 10 things to know about how to influence policy with research

    Briefing/policy papers

  6. Investing in mental health in low-income countries

    Research reports

  7. Is good advocacy a science or an art (or just luck), and how can we sharpen it?

  8. Evaluation of Norway’s support for advocacy in the development policy arena

    Research reports

  9. Case study on Norway's engagement in the fight against illicit financial flows and tax havens: commercial tax evasion

    Research reports

  10. Sustaining public sector capability in developing countries


  11. The road to reform: Women's political voice in Morocco

    Research reports

  12. Demand and supply of technical assistance and lessons for the health sector: Tanzania

    Research reports

  13. Assessing the processes and performance of the International Water Stewardship Programme

    Research reports

  14. Local Government Authority (LGA) fiscal inequities and the challenges of 'disadvantaged' LGAs in Tanzania

    Research reports

  15. The political economy of aid and accountability: the rise and fall of budget support in Tanzania

    Book/book chapter

  16. Dare to prepare: taking risk seriously

    Research reports

  17. Mobilising international climate finance: lessons from the fast-start finance period

    Research reports

  18. Tanzania national climate change finance analysis

    Research reports

  19. Unblocking results in Tanzanian rural water supply

  20. Unblocking results: can aid get public services flowing?