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Gideon Rabinowitz

Research Officer

Portrait of Gideon Rabinowitz

Political Economy of Development post-graduate, with NGO advocacy and research experience on trade (CUTS International) and aid issues (Actionaid UK and UK Aid Network), as well as consultancy experience on aid (Development Finance International; specialises in work on the Paris, Accra and Busan aid effectiveness agendas and UK and EU aid policy and spending trends

  1. Why do donors delegate to multilateral organisations? A synthesis of six country case studies

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  2. Leaving no one behind: a critical path for the first 1,000 days of the Sustainable Development Goals

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  3. Lack of early action in the first 1,000 days of the SDGs could put goals in jeopardy – new report

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  9. Financing for development: lessons from Development Progress case studies

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  10. EU State Building Contracts: early lessons from the EU's new budget support instrument for fragile states

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  11. The 2014 CAPE conference report: The role of finance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

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  12. The 2014 CAPE conference: the role of finance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

    Working papers

  13. Launch of the OECD Development Co-operation Report (DCR) 2014


  14. Following the money: good news and bad news for aid to low-income countries

  15. No longer neglected: tackling Sierra Leone's neglected tropical diseases

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  16. Security in post-conflict contexts: what counts as progress and what drives it?

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  17. Why and how are donors supporting social enterprises?

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  18. Progressing aid effectiveness in the WASH sector

    Research reports

  19. Mixing business and social: what is a social enterprise and how can we recognise one?

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  20. Localising aid – a challenge to the orthodoxy?