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Gareth Williams

Director of The Policy Practice

Portrait of Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams is a Director of The Policy Practice with a varied background in development consulting work. Over the past ten years he has been heavily engaged in developing and applying political economy approaches to development and governance problems. Recent assignments include sectoral political economy analyses for a large agribusiness project in Nigeria, agricultural value chains in the Niger Delta, anticorruption in Sierra Leone, public financial management in DRC and trade policy in Nigeria. He has conducted country level political economy analyses in Kenya, Yemen, Ghana and Zambia, as well a country governance assessment in Rwanda. He also specialises in the design and monitoring of empowerment and accountability programmes, and is the lead evaluator for annual reviews of the DFID State Accountability and Voice programme in Nigeria. Previously he worked as a freelance consultant, and has worked in the European Commission Delegation in Thailand covering rural development projects across southeast Asia. He has country experience in Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania. Sierra Leone, DRC, South Sudan, Zambia, Ghana, Yemen, Guyana, Kenya, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Uganda, Ethiopia, The Gambia.