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Francesca Bastagli

Principal Research Fellow

  • Equity and Social Policy
Portrait of Francesca Bastagli

Francesca Bastagli was Director of the Equity and Social Policy programme and Principal Research Fellow at ODI. She leads a multi-disciplinary team working on poverty, inequality, education, health and social protection, overseeing the Institute’s analytical work on these topics. She has over 20 years’ experience in research and policy advisory work, specialising in social policy, social protection, labour markets and gender.

At ODI she led analysis on topics ranging from basic services, economic and social inclusion, to gender inequality and the world of work, to social policy financing. Her recent research is on adapting social protection to the “future of work” and employment and social policies in crisis contexts (including across the humanitarian-development nexus). She has extensive experience in the design, monitoring and evaluation of social protection policies and has researched income and wealth inequality and fiscal (tax-transfer) policy. Francesca has authored academic articles as well as reports and briefing papers on these topics. She is lead author of the report Cash transfers: What does the evidence say? and co-author of the book Wealth in the UK: Distribution, accumulation and policy (OUP).

Francesca has acted as advisor to numerous governments and international organisations, and in 2011 was Visiting Scholar at the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department. She has led policy analysis and contributed to policy dialogue in a wide range of high-, middle- and low-income countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Syria, Thailand and the UK.

Prior to joining ODI, Francesca held positions at the London School of Economics (LSE), the World Bank and Bocconi University. She holds a Laurea in Economics from Bocconi University and an MSc and PhD in Social Policy from the LSE.

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