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Fletcher is ODI Research Associate in RAPID and is Director of the Mwananchi Social Accountablity Research and Learning, specialising on the design, management and monitoring and evaluation methods for citizen voice and accountability projects, civil society and governance generally.

Fletcher Tembo is currently Director, Mwananchi Social Accountability Research and Learning, Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute, London & Lilongwe

He conducts action research on transparency and accountability initiatives and has published papers such as ‘Citizen Voice and State Accountability: towards theories of change that embrace contextual dynamics’ and Re-thinking social accountability in Africa.

Fletcher provides M&E Kenya Drivers of Accountability Programme, Mozambique Civil Society Support Programme (MASC) and is part of the core research team advising on using Political Economy Analysis to inform project designs for the multi-donor civil society funding facility in Malawi. He also actively participates in the civil society experts group meetings organized by the UN Economic Commission for Africa and is currently conducting research on ‘democratic development’ from the perspective of citizen engagement

He has a PhD in International and Rural development from the University of Reading

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