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Fiona Samuels

Senior Research Fellow

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Portrait of Fiona Samuels

An anthropologist and social development and health specialist, Fiona has experience managing multi-country research projects with partners in Africa and Asia, on themes including gender-based violence, mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, health and HIV vulnerabilities, migration and coping also in fragile/emergency contexts. Fiona has extensive field experience in communities in Asia and Africa, and has worked for a wide range of donors including the World Bank, DFID and UNICEF. Fiona has  undertaken work on gender and social norms, examining the role of community structures and social norms for addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, including women, adolescent girls, children and older people. Fiona also has experience in social protection, researching the role of different social protection strategies (e.g. cash transfers, vouchers, etc.) for addressing vulnerability and building resilience, livelihoods and coping also in relation to health and other shocks and access to health services for vulnerable groups.

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