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Emilie Tant

Senior Communications Officer

Digital Societies, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Public Affairs and Communications

Portrait of Emilie Tant

Before joining ODI, Emilie worked across a range of international environments, first in policy and research for the Gender Affairs Division at the United Nations in Santiago, Chile (ECLAC), and later as a consultant for UN Women. More recently she supported advocacy work and youth-led initiatives at the YWCA in Palestine. She has a particular interest in strategic media and research communications to promote global gender justice, peace, and youth-led social movements.

  1. Youth-led (digital) innovation and resilience during Covid-19: experiences from the African continent

    Case/country studies

  2. Strengthening youth livelihoods and enterprise innovation in Africa’s digital era

    Working papers

  3. Sisterhood and beyond: how to uphold momentum on feminist change