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Ed Laws

Research Fellow

Politics and Governance

Portrait of Ed Laws

Ed Laws completed a PhD in Politics at the University of York. He subsequently worked as a postgraduate and postdoctoral teaching assistant on courses on politics and on political theory at York, before working as a researcher with the Developmental Leadership Program (DLP). Ed published a number of papers for the DLP on a range of topics related to leadership, power and political reform. Between 2016 and 2018 Ed worked as a Research Fellow at the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham. His recent research has focused on thinking and working politically in fragile and conflict-affected countries, the politics of universal health coverage, environmental sustainability in the informal sector, and the governance implications of private sector development. Ed has fieldwork experience in Kenya, Tanzania, Somaliland, Afghanistan and Nepal. 

  1. LearnAdapt: lessons from three years of adaptive management

  2. LearnAdapt: a synthesis of our work on adaptive programming with DFID/FCDO (2017–2020)

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. Value for money and adaptive programming: approaches, measures and management

    Working papers

  4. The ingredients of successful adaptive programming in Tanzania: a QCA analysis

    Research reports

  5. The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) merger and the future of adaptive programming

  6. Justice, the rule of law and Covid-19: three expert views

  7. Lessons from Institutions for Inclusive Development in Tanzania

    Briefing/policy papers

  8. Research in Somalia: opportunities for cooperation

    Research reports

  9. Diverse pathways to justice for all: supporting everyday justice providers to achieve SDG 16.3

    Research reports

  10. What does the evidence tell us about ‘thinking and working politically’ in development assistance?


  11. #AdaptDev workshop 3: value for money and adaptive management


  12. #AdaptDev workshop 2: Managing the donor-implementer relationship


  13. Working in fragile states: learning from the Somalia Stability Fund

  14. Thinking and working politically in Somalia: a case study on the Somalia Stability Fund

    Research reports

  15. Thinking and working politically: Reviewing the evidence on the integration of politics into development practice over the past decade

    Working papers

  16. Getting to universal health coverage: the importance of deep politics

  17. Political settlements and pathways to universal health coverage

    Working papers