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David Booth

Senior Research Associate

Politics and Governance

Portrait of David Booth

David Booth’s interests span research into the politics and political-economy of development and the promotion of innovative approaches to development programming. His work addresses the need for development practice to become better aligned with major research findings and the evidence of history.

In research, David spent seven years at the head of two large collaborative programmes on ‘Africa Power and Politics’ and ‘Developmental Regimes in Africa’ (http://www.institutions-africa.org/). He co-authored Governance for Development in Africa (with Diana Cammack, Zed Books 2013) and contributed to Business, Politics, and the State in Africa (by Tim Kelsall, Zed Books 2013).

David’s advisory and training work with practitioners has included co-authoring influential evidence papers and blogs on politically smart, locally led, adaptive programming approaches, with among others, Sue Unsworth (2014), Jaime Faustino (2014), Leni Wild (2015) and Fred Golooba-Mutebi (2015).

Before joining ODI in 1998, David was Professor of Development Studies at the University of Wales Swansea.

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