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Craig’s main research interests are in the politics, management and communication of aid. He leads a collaborative project with the UK’s Department for International Development on adaptive management. Craig also has a specific interest in security and justice sector reform, primarily focused in South and South-East Asia.

Craig has a specific interest in how security and justice can be improved in countries emerging from violent conflict. His work to date has focused on security and justice sector reform, legal empowerment, and the role of both elites and local level 'informal' actors in shaping post-conflict transitions.

Craig has also conducted multi-country research on the use of Theory of Change approaches in international development. This work forms part of a broader interest in how aid organisations function: how they learn and adapt their role to changing local contexts.

  1. Women and power: mediating community justice in rural Bangladesh

    Research reports

  2. Using change management theory in security and justice programmes


  3. Theories of Change: time for a radical approach to learning in development

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  4. Four principles for Theories of Change in global development

  5. Improving community security and access to justice in active conflicts: can it be done?


  6. Three big problems with how we think about 'results' and development

  7. Women’s voice and leadership: assessing the evidence

    Research reports

  8. Theories of Change in international development


  9. Doing legal empowerment differently: learning from pro-poor litigation in Bangladesh

    Research reports

  10. Security progress in post-conflict contexts: between liberal peacebuilding and elite interests

    Research reports

  11. Timor-Leste: security after Xanana

  12. Achieving security progress in post-conflict contexts


  13. After the buffaloes clash: moving from political violence to personal security in Timor-Leste

    Research reports

  14. Progress in small steps: security against the odds in Liberia

    Research reports

  15. Can theories of change help us 'do development differently?'

  16. Progress on women's empowerment: from technical fixes to political action

    Working papers

  17. Politically-smart and locally-led justice programming: Learning from other sectors


  18. Six key findings on the use of Theories of Change in international development


  19. Theories of change in international development

  20. Security in post-conflict contexts: What counts as progress and what drives it?