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<p>Claire&#39;s work focuses on measuring poverty and inequality, and how to use these insights to improve policy and outcomes. She heads ODI&#39;s work on the post-2015 agenda, tracking political negotiations, co-leading the &#39;MY World&#39; survey with UNDP and working on &#39;data revolution&#39;.</p><p>​</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Claire Melamed is the Director of Growth, Poverty and Inequality Programme at ODI. She was previously the Head of Policy at ActionAid UK. She has also worked for Christian Aid, the United Nations in Mozambique and taught at the University of London and the Open University. Claire's work focuses on measurement of poverty and inequality and on how to use the insights from measurement to improve policy and outcomes. She heads ODI's work on the post-2015 agenda, looking at sectoral and cross-cutting issues, tracking the political negotiations, co-leading the 'MY World' survey with UNDP and working on the 'data revolution'.

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