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Carmen Leon-Himmelstine

Research Fellow

  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
Portrait of Carmen Leon-Himmelstine

Dr Carmen Leon-Himmelstine has a PhD in International Development with a focus on social protection and migration. She has extended research and fieldwork experience in East and West Africa, South America and the Caribbean, and East Asia. Topics of interest include: social protection, migration, rural livelihoods, health and childhood poverty, from a gender norms and intersectionality lens.

Her research expertise lies in the linkages and mutual impacts between social protection and migration, including Conditional Cash Transfers and Graduation programmes, having conducted primary research in Haiti (CLM programme), Burundi (Terintambwe programme) and Mexico (Oportunidades programme).

She has extensive research skills collecting secondary and primary data using a variety of research methods including: in-depth and life history interviews, focus group discussions, and a range of participatory rural appraisal techniques.

Carmen has considerable experience of working with a wide range of donors, managing and delivering multi-year research programmes, with a strong publication record ranging from academic articles, reports and literature reviews, to policy briefs and conference papers. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

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