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Anna Locke

Principal Research Fellow

Climate and Sustainability

Portrait of Anna Locke

Anna Locke is former Director of ODI's Sustainable Environments and Societies programme. She joined ODI in July 2011 after having worked for 19 years in development, 12 of which were based in Mozambique. Anna has in-depth experience of working with market-led agriculture, analysing and advising on how to develop agriculture to promote sustainable growth and reduce poverty, based on principles of competitiveness, market access and inclusiveness. Her focus in recent years has been on land governance and large-scale investment, biofuels and food security.

  1. A review of the literature on biofuels and food security at a local level

    Research reports

  2. Biofuels and local food security: what does the evidence say?

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. Integrating land governance into the post-2015 agenda


  4. Topic Guide: Land

    Research reports

  5. The possible shape of a land transparency initiative


  6. Transparency and governance in the land sector: two sides of the same coin?

  7. The possible shape of a land transparency initiative

    Research reports

  8. Literature review of property rights and development


  9. Diverting grain from animal feed and biofuels: can it protect the poor from high food prices?

    Research reports

  10. Shining a light on land deals: sharing lessons for transparency

  11. Scoping report on biofuels projects in five developing countries

    Research reports

  12. Large-scale land acquisition — can we overcome transparency’s ‘dirty secret’?

  13. Mozambique's agriculture and Brazil's cerrado 'model': miracle or mirage?


  14. Are biofuels more costly than fossil fuels?


  15. Are biofuels bad for business?

  16. The impact of EU sugar policy reform on developing countries

    Research reports

  17. Gates and innovation in agriculture – is money the issue?

  18. The ups and downs of agricultural investment: what have we learned?

  19. The conundrum of agricultural investment: is jatropha the problem?

  20. Food Prices – is the only way up?

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