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Anna Locke

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  1. Our thoughts on COP26 – reflections on the Glasgow Climate Pact

  2. To deliver the promise of this climate super year, UN-led efforts must back land rights

  3. Perceived tenure security as a tool for understanding the conflict context and predicting violent conflict


  4. Why agricultural reform is needed to achieve net zero emissions

  5. Why land is important in understanding violent conflict

  6. How to design and finance a green recovery beyond Covid-19

  7. How to build back greener in the Covid-19 recovery

  8. Prindex comparative report

    Research reports

  9. Global perceptions of urban land tenure security: evidence from 33 countries

    Research reports

  10. Women's perceptions of tenure security: evidence from 33 countries

    Research reports

  11. Assessing the costs of tenure risks to agribusinesses

    Research reports

  12. Almost half of land disputes over African sugar last more than ten years – new research

    Press Release

  13. Land governance and inclusive business in agriculture: advancing the debate

    Research reports

  14. PRIndex: improving data to strengthen land tenure security

  15. LEGEND Land policy bulletin: August 2017


  16. LEGEND Land policy bulletin: March 2017


  17. Land, population and agricultural investment in Africa

    Briefing/policy papers

  18. LEGEND land policy bulletin, October 2016: focus on Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda


  19. LEGEND Land policy bulletin: May 2016


  20. Urbanisation, land and property rights

    Research reports

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