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Alexandra Löwe

Research Fellow

  • Climate and Sustainability
Portrait of Alexandra Löwe

Alex’s background is in the politics of aid and policymaking in the agricultural sector. Her current work explores the constraints and opportunities available to young people in Ghana and Uganda’s agricultural sectors and in construction in Ghana.

Prior to joining the ODI, Alex researched the political consequences of donor influence on Malawi’s fertilizer subsidy programme. Alex also has practical experience in agricultural policymaking, aid relations and as an economic advisor. She worked as an ODI Fellow in Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture from 2008-2010. 

  1. COP27 must address the food crisis as well as the energy crisis

  2. Migration for climate action: how labour mobility can help the green transition

    Working papers

  3. Can cooperatives create fairer digital work for youth in Africa?

  4. Dealing with Covid-19 in rural Africa: lessons from previous crises

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  5. Youth associations and cooperatives: getting young people into work

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  6. Creating opportunities for young women in Ghana’s construction sector: what works

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  7. Aspirations matter: what young people in Ghana think about work

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  8. Creating opportunities for young people in Northern Uganda’s agriculture sector

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  9. Growing up on a farm in Northern Uganda

  10. Increasing agricultural productivity in Northern Uganda by investing in young people

  11. Rejuvenating Ghana's cocoa sector by investing in young people

  12. Growing up on a cocoa farm in Ghana

  13. Creating opportunities for young people in Ghana’s cocoa sector

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  14. Understanding the context of the Youth Forward initiative in Ghana

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  15. Understanding the context of the Youth Forward initiative in Uganda

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  16. Ghana's construction sector and youth employment

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