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UN climate conference 6-17 November 2017 – experts and new research available

This week in Bonn the United Nations brings world leaders and scientists together to discuss climate change. (It’s called COP23.) 

The Overseas Development Institute, the UK’s leading think tank on international aid and climate policy, will be launching new research at the conference – and have experts available for interview in London and Bonn.

Our main papers:

One of the main topics will be how to pay for all the work needed to deal with climate change – especially in poor counties. Our new climate finance briefings look at a range of issues to be discussed. These include the global framework that is needed, the mechanism for individual countries paying, the way funding discriminates against women, and the UN’s Green Climate Fund.

If you would like them they are available to read now and not embargoed.

Our experts:

  • Katie Peters is addressing a side event in Bonn on Monday 13 November about climate security in fragile and war-affected states. She is a senior research fellow in the Overseas Development Institute's risk and resilience programme.
  • Rebecca Nadin – the Overseas Development Institute’s head of programme for climate risk and resilience.
  • Charlene Watson – author of our climate finance briefings. A research associate with the Overseas Development Institute’s climate and energy programme.
  • Emily Wilkinson – an expert on small island states like the British, French and Dutch dependencies recently hit by hurricanes, Working on research into how there resilience to natural disasters can be improved. Emily is a senior research fellow in the Overseas Development Institute’s risk and resilience programme.
  • Shelagh Whitley – the Overseas Development Institute’s head of programme for climate and energy. A particular expert on the fossil fuel industry.

We also have new research and experts available on other themes of the conference including: working across national boundaries; and disaster risk insurance.


For more information or to organise interviews with our experts please contact Miles Barter, Media Officer, on [email protected] or +44 (0)7808 791265.