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The Zimbabwe political crisis and the economy - ODI expert available

Written by Judith Tyson

An expert at the Overseas Development Institute, the UK’s leading think-tank on international development, is available for interview on how the long-term economic crisis has driven the current political crisis in Zimbabwe. 

Judith Tyson, Research Fellow in the International Economic Development Group at ODI, says the economic problems in the country, are due to mismanagement by the Mugabe government and are a significant factor in the current crisis. 

Dr Tyson will be available from London to talk about how:

  • In the last decade Zimbabwe’s economy has halved in size and poverty levels have soared. The black market has come to dominate the economy, unemployment has soared and infrastructure has been neglected.
  • In the last 18 months there has been a cash crisis with people queueing outside banks overnight to try to get US dollars and there has been an introduction of a highly unpopular local currency – the 'bond notes' – which has further undermined the economy.
  • Reformists in the government have been targeted by Mugabe. Patrick Chinamasa, who was a respected Minster of Finance, was fired in October. Other reformers have been marginalized or labelled as 'disloyal'.
  • If Emmerson Mnangagwa becomes the next president, he may continue the failed economic policies of the Mugabe government and this raises concerns that the crisis will deepen and that Zimbabwe’s deep economic problems with remain unresolved. 

To arrange an interview with Dr Tyson, or for more information, please contact James Rush on [email protected] or call +44 (0)7808 791265