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'The World isn't changing, it has already changed'

Written by Susan Nicolai

Press Release

Responding to the publication of the United Nations Human Development Report 'The rise of the south' ODI Research Fellow and Head of Development Progress Susan Nicolai said:

'This is another reminder that the world isn’t changing, it has already changed. Countries across the global South are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the global future.  There is much to learn from the more than 40 developing countries which have in recent decades made greater than expected gains in health, education and living standards.  This includes not only the expected high-achievers such as China and India, but many other less known successes, such as in Chile, Ghana and Thailand. Anybody who hasn't already needs to wake up to the fact that  the active involvement of these countries in the great debates of our time – poverty reduction, climate change, the global economic crisis – is essential to create shared solutions and shared responsibility.'