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STATEMENT: UK government paper offers 'little clarity' on future EU development partnership

Written by Mikaela Gavas

The UK government has today (Tuesday, September 12) published a paper on the future partnership with the EU on foreign policy, defence and development.

Mikaela Gavas, head of the Development Strategy and Finance programme at ODI, said: 'The government paper provides little clarity on the key development issues raised by Brexit.

'There is no indication as to whether the UK will continue to support the European Development Fund, work with the EU on joint strategies and programmes in developing countries in a long-term systematic way or on the future of EU aid to Commonwealth countries.

'The UK should aim for an international development partnership agreement with the EU, as well as with individual member states, which should include working together on peace, security and development, particularly in fragile countries and situations, leveraging the full arsenal of EU instruments to reduce poverty and suffering around the world.'


For more information or to arrange an interview with Mikaela Gavas please contact James Rush on [email protected] or +44 (0)7808 791265