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STATEMENT: ODI response to Channel 4 News story on Bangladeshi Prime Minister’s visit to London

Press Release

Footage taken at an ODI event was used in a news story broadcast this evening with regards to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh’s visit to London. ODI invited Channel 4 News and several other news outlets to the event. We feel that Channel 4’s coverage did not fully reflect how the event’s question and answer session was moderated.

ODI extended the event to make time for questions from the audience online and in the room. The moderator was attempting to facilitate an orderly question and answer session as there were many people in the room wanting to ask questions. The moderator took questions from the audience in the room including two from journalists (one from Reuters). He also asked a number of challenging questions, including on the difficult nature of politics in Bangladesh and imprisonment of political opposition, the Rohingya crisis and young people and jobs.

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